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A Few Mistakes Often People Make While Selecting Lighting For Home

Most homeowners while building their new home tend to ignore the significance of lighting and this may have a huge impact on its overall look. Whether you are extending your existing home, or making any changes to your room size or shape, there is a need to update its lighting accordingly.

Even making a simple change like including new furniture and furnishings, wall colors or floors may have a certain impact on your final illumination. Therefore, if you ever plan to make any changes to your existing home, the following are a few lighting mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Installing recessed downlights everywhere

The recessed lights are quite a popular lighting option, but many homeowners install them inappropriately and by installing too many of these, get incorrect illumination levels as a result.

2. Not paying any attention to the appearance of fixtures

Normally, people do use different lighting fixtures for the necessary feel and ambiance of their home. However, here they do not make the right choice of fixtures for their dining space or living room.

Lighting fixtures like Round Modern Rustic Crystal Chandelier and Rectangular Raindrop Crystal Pendant Light are great for your staircase or entry foyer. You must understand that choosing of wrong lighting fixtures can ruin the final look of any space.  You can find a lot of information on Sofary blog about choosing and installing right kind of chandeliers. You can click here for more tips and lighting ideas.

3. Not installing task light in their kitchen

While cooking in the kitchen your counter needs proper light so that you can see while cooking. Not installing any task light will make it difficult to see properly while cooking.

4. Not having any control over the lights

Often people connect several different lights by using a single switch and they cannot have proper control of light intensity as per their need.

5. Not checking how much lumens needed

Most people do install the lights but never check their lumens requirement. Due to this reason, often they end up getting less light than what is exactly needed at that place.

6. Wrong size/style/type of light fixtures

If you install a grand chandelier light over any modestly-sized dining table, then it will simply be a mismatch. You must understand the proportions of light based on area.

7. Ignoring natural light

If you have large windows from where you can get plenty of natural lights then there is no need of installing an expensive light in that area. It is just a waste of your money.

8. Poor lighting in the dark spaces

Often people do not install sufficient lights in the darker areas like small utility rooms, cupboards, closets, and loft spaces. Such a space where no natural lights are available needs better lights.

9. Color temperature

These days light bulbs come with different color temperatures and hence if you do not make the right selection of lights with proper color temperature then the feel of the room will change.

10. Not installing dimmers

Often you must control the light as per your need and hence dimmers are necessary.

Last but not the least, while installing the various lights in your home, you must also check the wiring capacity too, as people often put plenty of loads on their cables that may create further complications.

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