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Benefits of a custom entrance logo mat

If you are planning your branding and marketing strategies, it is worth considering customizing a floor mat with your logo. These mats add a vital element to a company’s marketing strategies. Our custom floor mats have been printed using modern digital printers. This results in crisp designs that look great and are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Why should you invest in top-quality logo mats?


The mats will soak up the water and keep it off of your floors which can be slippery when wet. Your company’s safety is paramount. Any way you can make your business safer will help customers. Business owners can use entrance mats to prevent potential liability and avoid accidents. It is important to make use of outdoor and front door mats in a smart way to improve safety. These floor mats remind guests that they are entering professional workplaces that value safety.

First Impression

You can make a lasting impression by using a custom logo mat. Personalized floor matting products can be used to greet visitors in vibrant colors or with textual effects. Your entryway will have a professional appearance with custom rugs with logo. An entry logo mat with the company name placed right at the entrance acts as a signboard letting people know they’re in the right place. This gives credibility to your brand image.


Visual merchandising means using a floor mat to engage customers and help them find what is important to them. It can also help them make a decision to buy, as well as lead them to other products that may be of interest to them. When customers enter your store, floor mats are what they see first. This is where your logo and brand catch their attention. You can also be the last thing customers see before they leave your office. This will make a lasting impression on their minds and help them remember your products and services.

Brand Awareness

Are you looking for a way to build brand awareness? Ultimate mats floor mats keep your floors dry, clean, and safe. When customized, they can be a great way to generate brand and product awareness. Custom floor mats are durable and can be imprinted with your logo or company name, tagline as well as social media information such as website address or marketing message.

Ultimate mats and Floor Products are proud to be the leading supplier of commercial mats and flooring products in the world.

There are several things you should consider before purchasing rugs

Never Hung Up On Weight

A mat with a higher face weight (weight in carpet pile per square meter) is not necessarily better than one with lower. Many other factors will determine the quality of a carpet, such as height, flushness, material, and weaving method. It’s always a good idea that you inspect the pile samples closely to make sure it’s manageable and comfortable for you. You will find that longer piles look better than those with shorter piles.

Colors to Go

The hardest part of buying rugs is choosing the right pattern and color. However, it is important to choose a living-room carpet that complements your living space’s color scheme. You can also choose colors that can be used to change the mood for different purposes. You can use light blues, greens, and pastels for office spaces.

Skipping Padding Is A No

This is one of the biggest mistakes we make when buying new rug for our homes. We get that you may not want extra money for something you cannot see. It’s important to stress that your carpet is only as good as or better than you’re under pad. Your carpet’s padding protects it from any pressure, small or large. In addition to being a support system for your carpet, padding can also be used as a sound absorber and home insulator.

Learn Installation Style

Although it may seem easy, it is not. It is best to trust Google with this. Many links will provide you with step-by, easy-to-follow instructions.

Care It Good

Most carpets have a set of maintenance instructions. But, depending on the carpet’s fiber content and material, there is no one right way to clean it. Your rug should be vacuumed once a week. Avoid excessive abrasion. It can cause damage to your carpet and increase wear. A vacuum cleaner that does not have a rotating head may be best for hand-tufted carpets.

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