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An Overview of the Different Types of Exhibition Stands    

There are different options available when you are looking for exhibition stands. In the following sections let us look at the different types of exhibition stands you can choose from.

An Insight into the Different Types of Exhibition Stands

Modular | Literature | Banner | Pop Up | Row | Corner

Modular Stands

These stands tend to be quite versatile and available in different forms such as:

  • Portable displays
  • Point of purchase
  • Table top displays

Thus, it is easy to choose a stand which matches your needs.

Literature Stands

As the name suggests, these are special stands that work as portable bookshelves. As such, exhibitors can keep small items in these stands so that people can have a look at them. Additionally, when allowed, consumers can take your branded material home.

Banner Stands

These are one form of innovative exhibition stands which are used for holding the banners in a very secure manner. There are banner stands available for different types of banners such as:

  • Rigid banners
  • Roller banners
  • Motorized banners

The other good thing about banner stands is that it is rather easy to assemble these stands and you can choose from different designs and styles that match your requirements.

Pop Up Stands

These stands are very visually appealing and considered a versatile option when you are looking for something portable. These pop-up stands are the ideal option for your branding needs and the positive thing about them is that it is pretty easy to set them up.

Row Stands

These are considered to be an effective as well as an economical solution, particularly when you do not take part in exhibitions on a regular basis.

Corner Stands

The good thing about these stands is that visitors are able to access them from two sides. As such, these stands are able to generate a higher degree of attention.

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