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SMBConnect to Boost SMEs across Rajasthan ‘Start Manage Expand 2016’ held in Jaipur Aiming to further consolidate its position as a premier knowledge sharing platform among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the country, the 3rdannual event series of SMBConnect, Start Manage Expand came to Jaipur on April 13, 2016. Industry leaders addressed SMEs on the strong emergence of small and medium industries in India. The event organized by SMBConnect focused on funding for small & medium enterprises, facilities and infrastructure implementation and rules and regulations for complex business issues. The group also tied up with Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industries and Jaipur Chamber of Commerce & Industries. Mr. Sandipan Ray, Director, SMBConnect, said,”Our main line of work is to aid small and medium businesses across the country. And we have several reasons to be excited about conducting Start Manage Expand, 2016, in Jaipur. It is a top exporter of gold, diamonds and stone jewelry. Tourism industry has always been thriving here. It is rich in its resources of skilled craftsmen, which enhances the traditional businesses. And the modern educated generation is working towards growing the modern industries. SMBConnect is one portal that can reach out and add value to both the genres.” The 3rd Start Manage Expand, 2015-16, provided a great opportunity to SMEs across Jaipur to connect with experts and industry leaders to showcase their new products and services on a national platform. Industry experts mentored SMEs to strategies involving innovative techniques and introduce methods to boost the environment for business owners. Going further into the future, this platform can well act as a channel for SMBs to communicate issues to the government. About SMBConnect:

SMBConnect is a unique and innovative concept which connects SMBs and upcoming entrepreneurs across the country. It is a one stop solution that serves as a common point of interaction for all. Small business owners and entrepreneurs come together and share their experience based knowledge, paving a path for mutual growth. SMBConnect has announced Vodafone as its official partner once again, for the complete series of 3rd Start Manage Expand sessions, 2015-16.They also launched a toll free number,1800 120 1248, for providing information to SMBs all across India, early this year. Website: For further information, please contact: Adity Roy Chowdhury/Praveen Paudyal Toll Free No. – 1800 120 1248 Email:,

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