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Industrial Supplies and Services in Dawson Creek

Whether you are in the forestry, agricultural, oil and gas or any other industry, you are bound to require special industrial tools, equipment and other supplies that are necessary for your trade. Fortunately, there are companies that usually sell, repair and provide topnotch maintenance for a range of tools, equipment and other industrial supplies. Their staff is always committed to providing the best quality industrial products and first-class services at very affordable prices.

Industrial Supplies and Services Offered in Dawson Creek

If you are from Dawson Creek, you will no doubt find companies that provide quality operational supplies as well as maintenance and repair services to companies and contractors across the region. Whether you would like to purchase the best quality power tools or need reliable abrasives in Dawson Creek for your unique project, these companies have what you need. For instance, they normally offer:

1.Hand, Precision and Power Tools in Dawson Creek

These companies usually offer superior quality power tools, including cordless and corded impact wrenches, drills, as well as stationary shop tools, such as band saws and jointers. They also offer great precision instruments for people that are handling tasks that require proper calibration. Whether you are looking for the best quality air tools, hand tools, stationary or electric power tools and other related accessories, these experts can help.

2.Abrasives in Dawson Creek

These experts are also well known for supplying a range of abrasives that are normally used for removing rust, oxidation, discolouration, corrosion as well as cleaning and finishing of different metals. Their abrasives may also be used for sanding, shaping and polishing in woodworking. They normally offer manual as well as power-tool-mounted abrasives, which include wire brushes, and coated, bonded, and non-woven abrasives.

3.Material Handling Products

These companies also sell different solutions for transporting, as well as storing materials and equipment to suit your project and business needs. Whether it’s toolboxes, work benches, cranes and chain hoists, these companies can offer you whatever you need. Other material handling products they offer include:


b)Trucks and carts

c)Chains and fittings

d)Tow ropes and straps



g)Wire ropes

h)Nylon web slings

4.Hydraulics, Hose, Pneumatics and Fittings

These companies also carry great hoses for water, fuel, air, hydraulics and petroleum products, along with numerous bands and fittings. They normally sell different pressure tools as well as gauges which include compressors, nailers, staplers and painters. They have different hydraulic presses which are used for pressing the hose fittings as well as banding machines. In addition, these experts will also test your hoses to determine whether they need to be repaired or replaced. Some of the hydraulic and pneumatic products they offer include:


b)Paint spray



e)Industrial hose and fittings

f)Lubrication equipment

g)Pneumatic tubing and fittings

These companies also deal in superior quality cutting tools, adhesives and chemicals, fasteners and hardware, as well as shop supplies. Others include equipment for home, garden and lawn applications, janitorial supplies, high quality, and high visibility safety signs, and safety clothing, among others. Whether you need the best power tools or superior quality abrasives in Dawson Creek, these companies can meet these needs.

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