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Should You File For A Trademark?

A trademark isn’t just a word or image that consumers can associate with a business or product. It’s a way to turn a business into a concept with the potential to become a household name. Your trademark can do a tremendous amount of work for you. All the good press in the world can’t turn your business from an institution into a seductive idea the way a great trademark can. If you’re in doubt, think about the Apple empire or the McDonald’s franchise. Whatever you’re trying to build, you can build it better by protecting your business with a business name and trademark that puts you on the map. All you need is a great Washington D.C. Trademark Attorney to help you do it. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why filing for a trademark is a no-brainer.

It Protects Your Business

When you think about protecting your business, you probably think about setting up physical as well as cyber protections to keep information and assets on lockdown. What you don’t know about setting up a trademark is that it can actually help protect you against more unseen, insidious threats, like intellectual property lawsuits. Once trademarked, your business name or image becomes a piece of evidence in any battle against your or your business. Think about what happened when the Winklevoss twins tried to challenge Mark Zuckerberg for ownership of concept regarding Facebook. They may have had the idea, but Zuckerberg trademarked it and put it into action.

It Increases Visibility

A business can have absolutely everything going for it. But even the greatest business idea can potentially fall flat if it remains unprotected or simply isn’t advertised. Creating branded campaigns and a social media presence is crucial, and both tasks will be much easier to do successfully once you have a solid trademark. You don’t have to worry about defining your business in quick, easy-to-digest terms if you already have a trademarked phrase, image, or word that puts it all together for your audience. Think of your trademark as an easy summary of what your business stands for. This will help you sell the idea of your company to a larger audience in the long term.

It Helps You Expand

If you have dreams of a global takeover, you need a trademark. Once you’re out there as a business concept, it’s not enough to put your name out there and wait for people to catch on. Think about how McDonald’s used its iconic golden arches to draw in customers from afar. That’s what your trademark is: A statement about, and a symbol of, what you can provide to consumers. Building a truly great trademark might take work, but it’s certainly worth it.

It Serves As a Business Asset

Your trademark isn’t just a concept: It actually counts as an asset once you’ve registered it. You can use it to win legal battles, shut down cybersquatters, and help your company go public. A trademark is a perfect way to claim absolute ownership of not only your company but the entire concept behind the enterprise.

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