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Create Smart Content for Your Brand at FinCon 2019

Every year, experts, influencers, and journalists gather at FinCon to discuss one topic—finance. This year, the common goal is to create content that can actually earn revenue. With tons of great speakers, including keynote speakers Ramit Sethi and Sharon Epperson, plus lots of networking opportunities, it’s genuinely a business-minded content creator’s dream come true.

This year, FinCon will take place in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, at the Washington Hilton Hotel. From Sep. 4-7, attendees will have the opportunity to create smart content for your brand.

Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of FinCon 2019.

  1. Make a list of those you’d like to network with.

If you’re a content creator of any kind, it’s always wise to partner with fellow content creators to develop relationships and brand-building opportunities. You’re a part of a larger community. As a result, you should network and communicate with those within that community. Like you use social networking to find other like-minded creators, use Twitter and other platforms to find out if they’re going to FinCon.

It’s also wise to skim the list of speakers and notable attendees to identify those you might want to add to your network. When you create a game plan for how to meet and connect with everyone you’d like to see, you’ll be more likely to make it happen.

  1. Find a location to conduct a few interviews during the conference.

When you’re developing your content, it’s essential to invest in the professionalism of your brand. If you’re planning on setting aside time to interview different attendees, see if you can find a suitable space ahead of time for this purpose.

  1. Consider filming a daily recap.

While you’re at FinCon, it’s a great idea to enjoy the city as well. From the monuments to the White House, there’s a ton of cultural landmarks that are unique to DC. If you’re a YouTube vlogger, find a great spot in front of an iconic landmark like the Washington Monument or the Tidal Basic to take care of your filming. If you create content through a blog, hire a photographer to take a few shots of you in front of the Lincoln Monument.

  1. Enjoy the city.

Instead of flying out after the conference is over, reserve an extra night in one of the hotels near downtown Washington DC to enjoy a day of delicious food, shopping, and the nightlife. The Grand Hyatt Washington is centrally-located, and just a few minutes walk away from so many highlights in DC. The Darcy is another eclectic and distinctive boutique hotel in the heart of Washington. The setting could provide for a great backdrop or even subject matter for some killer content.

Purchase a ticket to see a show at the Kennedy Center or enjoy a tour of one of the many museums. Washington, DC also has a lot of delicious places to eat. The DMV area is known for crab as its primary seafood specialty. Additionally, mambo sauce is a native sauce that’s often enjoyed with fried foods like chicken and fries.

As you work on money-making content at FinCon, don’t forget actually to enjoy and consume the experience for yourself. Too often, people experience life through the smartphone they’re holding and miss the beauty of truly connecting with the people right in front of them. Whether you need to create a game plan or strategy to immerse yourself fully, don’t forget to consume the real-life content for yourself. Since it is FinCon 2019, do your best to set up a schedule for creating because it’s important to share with your followers and build your brand as well.

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