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Customized Gift Ideas that Your Employees will Love During the New Year’s Party

Every year we wait for Christmas and New Year’s Eve to relax and unwind from work while taking out time to enjoy with family, friends, and co-workers. The office party that is thrown before the New Year holiday is the most awaited one among the employees. If you are planning a party this year for your employees you must be wondering what you should gift them.

Choosing the right gift is almost always the most difficult task. The gift must represent your company values, brand image must be something that your employees will cherish and at the same time must fit your budget. One of the best gifts that do not need much planning is a bag of goodies.

You can purchase full color printed bags and get them customised. Fill those bags with lots of goodies and you are ready with the gift for your cherished employees. Custom Earth Promos make recyclable and reusable bags that can also be customised. Place your order and get them delivered anywhere in United States. These bags will also represent your company’s responsibility towards the environment.

Simple gift ideas for employees

Some of the following gifts are budget friendly and yet your employees will love them:

  • Bluetooth speakers are loved by all; they are handy and can be used anywhere; at home, office parties, and during vacations as well.
  • Personalised tote bags are a versatile solution if you are having a hard time selecting the right gift. Get them from eco-friendly sources and get them customized.
  • Customized and embroidered blankets to keep your employees warm during the chilly holiday season.
  • Well insulated tumblers that are easy to carry while your employees commute for work daily. This will ensure that their drinks are kept at apt temperatures.
  • Customised travel kits will be the best options for those employees who have to travel frequently to fulfil their work commitments.
  • An easy to carry backpack that is customized with your brand logo or company name is yet another versatile gift that your employees will surely use.
  • Cooler bags are not just an easy gift option, but also versatile as its uses are endless and will be definitely put to good use.

The lists for gift ideas are endless. However, while selecting the gifts for employees this year you must consider the following points:

  • The gifts must fall in your allotted budget. Going a tiny bit out of budget is sometimes inevitable but the tiny bits add up to a lot when you have to gift it to a large number of employees.
  • Start looking for the gifts early on so that you can make use of any discounts or schemes that is going on at that particular time.
  • Create a small survey to know what your employees feel the most excited about and buy the gifts accordingly. The employees will also cherish the fact that their choices have been taken into consideration.

The last step to a perfect party is a great venue, delicious food, and good music. This will keep your employees motivated to start the next year’s work with enthusiasm and lastly give yourself some time for enjoyment as well.

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