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What Is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX (Private Branch eXchange) is a high – bandwidth, highly-interconnect and flexible private branch exchange solution. It uses a digital phone line (or IP phone line) for intercom and voice functions. A private branch exchange is a telephone exchange where phone conversations are routed to multiple telephones in various locations. This provides businesses with cost savings and increased bandwidth. Hosted PBX phone services provide features that include auto attendants, voicemail, call forwarding, call transferring, call waiting, conference calling, music on hold, and more.

Hosted PBX has many benefits over on-premises PBX phone service. The primary benefit is the flexibility. hosted pbx allows companies with a small or medium-sized budget to have a robust and flexible hosted business communications system. They can install and utilize hosted pbx solutions without having to purchase or maintain any hardware. The hosted system is automatically deployed by the service provider, taking the burden of deploying and managing communications equipment and communications wiring off the company.

Another benefit provided by hosted pbx is the increased efficiency provided by a virtual phone system. Switching between on-premise PBX systems and a hosted PBX solution reduces operational costs and overhead. Switching between hosted pbx solutions and switching between VoIP carriers also reduces operational costs and overhead. Through a web based interface, switching between phone carriers is easy. For businesses seeking an easy to deploy, flexible and cost effective way to communicate with customers, hosted pbx is the choice.

Hosted telephony is also advantageous because it provides a reliable and scalable solution for small businesses. Through a hosted pbx system a company can eliminate two to three hardware cycles per year, as well as reducing equipment downtime. The hosted pbx solution is also highly flexible, which allows it to be customized for a given business. Businesses may choose to integrate hosted pbx with their existing network or they may choose to add on additional IP phones. They may even add on additional features such as VoIP phones, call forwarding and voicemail.

Hosted voice over IP (IPTV), is a hosted PBX solution that enables clients to receive high quality audio transmissions via the Internet. IPTV utilizes digital signals to transmit voice and video over the internet. Digital channels allow the transmitted signals to bypass traditional reception methods, such as antenna lines, and instead use digital technology to transmit signals directly to the client’s computer. This type of PBX offers businesses instant, real time access to their hosted pbx system through the Internet, and allows them to scale up and down as their business needs dictate.

When compared to traditional on-premise pbx solutions, hosted pbx has a number of benefits. Among those benefits is the fact that hosted PBX offers the same functionality as a traditional PBX for an affordable monthly fee. Another benefit is that hosted pbx solutions provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes. Some businesses may need additional IP phones to accommodate additional phone calls. Hosted solutions also allow businesses to make their telephone system more efficient by using their existing network to route calls rather than having the service provider to route them through their computer system.

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