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Remodeling Your Commercial Kitchen

Your restaurant is ready for a makeover and you need to decide what changes you want to make. One place you might start with is your commercial kitchen. Here are a few improvements you can make to make this space more efficient.

Easy To Move

When investing in new equipment, you need to find items that are easy to move and create optimal space. Getting tables and appliances on caster wheels will allow you to move them around to achieve an optimal workspace. This will also give you the opportunity to shuffle them around when you need to thoroughly clean.

Help Everyone

If you are investing in new equipment, you should look for appliances that are energy efficient. They will save you money in energy bills while using less which benefits the environment. Some utility companies will also give you rebates for each appliance purchased that meets their efficiency requirements.

Add Space

While having equipment that can be moved around to create space, you can always expand to make actual space. Find an area that will keep your seating area intact. You will want to install a slip resistant floor and better lighting that allows your employees to see what work they are doing.  Be sure to plan your construction schedule so your kitchen will be closed for only a short time and develop a back up plan in case something extends the time your kitchen is inoperable. You can either plan to close your restaurant entirely for the remodel, stagger construction to work around it, or set up a temporary space to cook while remodeling is being done.

Safe Space

Change out your tools for new ones that are bacteria resistant and sturdy. Getting new knives and keeping them sharpened will keep your employees save since they know what it will do. You will want to make sure your items meet all the safety requirements of the health department. They should be easy to clean and simple to use. You should switch out cutting boards to keep food from being contaminated.

Keeping It Down

If you do choose to stay open during the remodel, you will need to ensure the construction noise is kept to a minimum. Having the loud sound coming from kitchen can take away from your customer’s experience. Speak to the foreman and express your desire to keep the area pleasant for your clientele or keep the remodeling to the off hours.

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