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Residential shelving ideas to optimise your space

In a recent survey, respondents were asked whether they threw away things that they no longer used. Over 90% admitted that they were unable to divest themselves of the old and unwanted. There are the minimalists among us whose homes are completely uncluttered but the majority of us like to be surrounded by our belongings. We are collectors by nature.

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Instead of filling every bit of available floor space with our collections of possessions which, over time, would make it impossible to navigate about the home without causing damage to our keepsakes, we have come up with the only practical solution, vertical space or in other words, the shelf.

Shelving – practical and personal
A bit like a painting, the shelves we choose tell a story. It is quite fashionable now to remove the doors from kitchen units. When once the contents of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom were tidily tucked away behind closed doors, now everything is on display. We like to stack our towels in neat piles and show off our scented candles about the bathtub like a secret invitation to visitors – https://www.hunker.com/13410853/how-to-decorate-with-wall-shelves.

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When it comes to the garage there are specialist shelves
Looking for residential shelving Ireland has a range of solutions. Where to put the spade and the rake, not to mention half used pots of paint, the electric drill and the petrol can? There is a lot to be said for a well-organised garage. Endless trips to the ironmonger to buy yet another little pack of picture looks, lubricant for a squeaky hinge or a rusty bike can be sorted forever with a well-ordered shelf. Residential shelving rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving will have you sorted in no time. But industrial shelving or stockroom furniture does not have to be reserved for the garage and can look modern and practical inside the home too.

There is no end of imaginative ideas for shelves. Old picture frames come in handy as do the drawers from your discarded dresser and unfinished wood found on the beach can give a rustic feel to the place. An old skateboard can be a good shelf for a kid’s bedroom. Corner shelves too are a wonderful way of making the most of that unused space where you can display your framed family photographs and knickknacks.

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