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Importance of Bid Management and The Available Tools  

Bid management is one of the essential elements of a business as well as its team. It enhances chances of business to win tenders. Bid managers who deal with complex tenders head bidding departments in large businesses. However, small businesses also need to see the importance of bid management since as a team, it is easy to win tenders. In most SMEs, there is only one person who deals with tenders, thereby reducing their chances of landing a good one. 

bid manager responsibility is to propose bids to the existing or potential clients for different projects. As such, he has to ensure that the bid for a project is smooth and is finished within the required the required parameters of time and finance, as well as maintaining a good relationship with the client. 

Today, marketers can rest assured of an easier time thanks to the availability of
bid management software. The software comes with options for marketers and businesses, which include: 

• Letting Google manage bids for them. you can also manage your keyword bids manually
• Coming up with your own bid management rules
• Managing your keywords bids personally
However, these options are not as easy as they look because they either lack transparency or control, Google’s use of automated bidding or are expensive and hard to implement.

How Is This Software Different?

Excellent software for your bid management must be easy to use. It must have features that are smart and comes with actionable recommendations predicated on a set of algorithms, including best practices in bidding, your goals, as well as your current actions. It should come with algorithms that make the most out of your budget. For instance, if you are working on a tight budget, there should be areas where you can have strategic bid cuts as opposed to increasing bids by spending more funds. 

Bid Management Tools’ Value 

Bid management tools have become valuable even with an increase in competition and expenditure. Nowadays, advertisers are directing more funds, thereby increasing spend and size of every paid search account. This makes manual management of your account harder, and this can negatively affect the goals of your account.


Bid management simplifies the optimization process because it gives you greater control. Accounts are growing and getting more keywords, and this can be difficult especially if you are trying to keep up with manual optimization. With this software, the efficiency to manage and optimize across the account is enhanced.
Bid management also saves on time. If you have bid rules hinged on specific goals, it is easy to aggregate, optimize, and automate your campaign effectively to reach wider masses. Also, if some of the features are automated, it increases productivity and saves on a lot of time. If there is more time, creativity, and innovation can be tested on the account, giving your business adequate overall growth. Finally, it streamlines report as well as analysis. The use of advanced algorithms for data analysis and detailed reporting is essential in understanding keywords behavior and the application of the best optimization strategy.

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