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6 SEO tips for YouTube

If you want your YouTube videos to rank highly and gain more visits, these following six SEO tips could prove useful.

1. Focus on metadata

Honing your metadata is particularly important if you publish content on YouTube. Therefore, before you upload any videos, pay close attention to what you include in each metadata field.

Add your target keyword to the title of your video, choosing one that stands out. Use this keyword in your content description, providing a good overview of what the video is about. Include your keyword in your filename and don’t forget to add keyword tags.

A strong thumbnail will grab attention so focus on this to increase your SEO. According to TechSmith “a great video thumbnail can make all the difference when it comes to a viewer clicking through to your video or deciding whether or not to watch another”.

2. Structured video data

What you say in your video can strongly affect its SEO ranking, so have this in mind once you hit the record button. Structure your video data so that it’s precise, and don’t waffle. Mention your keyword, and if possible, include images of that keyword.

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3. Optimise user data

To improve your YouTube SEO efforts, analyse your audience retention rates and how many likes and subscribers you get. This data can give you a clue as to whether you need to make changes to your videos, and which ones are more successful than others. This isn’t always an easy process to get to grips with, so it’s often a good idea to consult professional SEO services, such as https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services, to assist with this vital task.

4. Manage co-visitation

It’s important to understand how much one video is watched compared to similar ones in a short period of time. This is known as co-visitation, and it can have an impact on SEO. To gain more visitors from co-visitation, you could target keywords used by another similar video, or create videos that will attract interest from specific YouTubers.

5. Focus on user-personalisation

SEO can also be improved if user-personalisation factors are taken into account, aside from just having a high co-visitation score.

6. Other signals

The quality of your videos can impact your SEO rating, as can how diverse your videos are compared to others, and the user history of those who watch your videos.

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