Channel Letters Signs Are The Best Choice Of Signage For Any Business
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Channel Letters Signs Are The Best Choice Of Signage For Any Business

Channel letter signs are individual letters fabricated in metal or plastic to form a 3-dimensional logo or name. Each letter has its own separate enclosure with an internal channel that also houses the electricals for its illumination. Channel letters are constructed out of aluminium or steel with an acrylic face. Acrylic being translucent and flexible, is an ideal material for the finished lettering. Channel letter signs are the best choice of signage for any business due to their many advantages. There are different types of channel letter signs you can use to advertise your business. The most common of them is the “front lit” channel letter sign where only the front of the letter glows or is illuminated. In fact, you might even choose not to have an illuminated sign if it suits your business. The 3-dimensional, colourful channel lettering signage does an excellent job of advertising your daytime business. Reverse lit channel lettering emits light from the back of the letter, just like a halo, which is why they are sometimes called halo lit signs. To achieve this lighting effect, the front face of the letter is capped up or sealed. Front and back lit channel letters on the other hand create a dramatic 3D effect. The ‘open face’ channel letter signs are open at the front and are relatively uncommon. These are used in certain locations to create a visual impact.

Channel letter signs are very popular and have been used since ages. They are a reasonably inexpensive form of advertising which many businesses seem to prefer. Channel letter signs are constantly reminding the potential customer of your business day and night. Being constructed out of aluminium and acrylic, they are lightweight and easy to handle. There is not much maintenance required, except for the illumination part of the Custom Vehicle Graphics. When using channel letter signs, it is important to choose a product that is constructed out of the best quality materials and electrical fittings. Spending a little extra at the time of purchase to get the best quality product that is durable and will reduce your maintenance costs in the future. Signarama Sydney City Signs is a leader in the Australian signage industry. The company is known for its quality products and quick service. Channel letter signs from Sydney City Signs are high quality and durable, made from moulded plastic. Thus there is no question of rusting or degradation of metal parts. Additionally, they are custom designed to your specifications and come in a variety of colours. They can be neon or LED illuminated to ensure high visibility during the night. Visit to get in touch with one of the experts in Slim Edge-Lit Signs Sydney solutions who will guide you on the colours, construction and designs for a channel letter sign for your business.

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