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The Business Impact of Digital Transformation Recruitment

Digital transformation entails totally changing how a company operates internally or interacts with customers externally. However, in most cases, digital transformation entails adopting technology and data solutions, such as applicant tracking systems, to reduce or eliminate administrative processes and improve operational efficiency inside and between departments and hiring teams.

Operational efficiency, product quality, and client retention all benefit from technological solutions. Let’s apply this to hiring: all of these assets equate to faster hiring procedures, happier prospects and workers, and a polished employer brand. Let’s take a closer look at how digital recruitment transformation affects business.

Increased productivity and hiring time

In a variety of ways, digital tools can help you speed up daily activities. You can automate administrative chores like keeping track of applicant documents or organizing interviews, for example. Recruiters that utilize an applicant tracking system (ATS) will be able to screen prospects more quickly because the ATS will compile all of the relevant candidate data in one location. They won’t have to read a resume before moving on to the candidate’s cover letter, portfolio, or assessment because everything will be on the same page. And if you think this is insignificant, consider how much time you’ll save if you have five, ten, or twenty open jobs at the same time and have to screen 50 applications for each of them.

Metrics and efficiency improvements

Data collection and analysis on your own can be time-consuming and, in some situations, erroneous, especially if it relies on human procedures. Fortunately, most digital transformation recruitment solutions will collect analytics for you automatically (such as a current pipeline report). You may discover and alleviate bottlenecks in the hiring process, as well as leverage on the most lucrative sources for candidates in a single job opportunity, with a snapshot of your hiring process.

Simpler candidate evaluation

Candidate evaluation can also benefit from the digital revolution. To begin with, AI solutions and digital tools use filtering choices to help screen applications faster. Following that, you can employ a variety of evaluation technologies with shortlisted candidates, such as game-based or video exams. If you’re employing salespeople, for example, you may utilize video assessments to assess their presentation and negotiation abilities before asking them to a face-to-face interview. You can also evaluate candidates remotely using technologies like video interviews and video assessments.

To summarize, sticking to the same old tactics when things change, in this case digitally, is not only uncomfortable but also unsafe. Start with simple tech solutions and see what works best for you. Your recruitment process won’t alter dramatically overnight – after all, you’re still in the driver’s seat – but investing in a dynamic and current recruitment tech stack can save you a lot of sleepless nights.

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