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Hazardous Material Removal in Edmonton

If you would like to remove any type of hazardous materials from your property, it is always advisable to involve fully-equipped and vastly experienced professionals. Luckily, you can find contractors that are well-equipped to handle any abatement or remediation project. They can efficiently remove mercury, mould, lead and even asbestos from your industrial, commercial or residential property.

Hazardous Material Removal Experts in Edmonton

If you have a property that requires any kind of abatement services, there are professionals that can help. Their companies boast of having many years of hands-on experience in handling different kinds of abatement projects. They have the right testing, hazardous material removal and encapsulation equipment. Whether you require mould abatement in Edmonton, or you are looking for contractors with experience in mould remediation in Edmonton, these companies can help. They normally offer:

  1. Mould Abatement in Edmonton

If there is a mould problem in your building, you can call in professionals with the right training, knowledge and experience in handling the inspection, abatement and mould remediation in Edmonton. The certified mould abatement and remediation teams have the right skills and specialized equipment to handle your unique project. They normally conduct the services in a quick and efficient manner and will put in place specific measures to prevent the recurrence of this problem.

  1. Mercury Removal

Mercury is one of the naturally-occurring chemical elements in the earth’s crust, and it is normally released into the atmosphere via natural occurrences such as volcanic eruptions. It could also be released through different human activities like the burning of coal or mercury-containing products, cement production or during waste elimination. The material may be found in button batteries, electrical switches, HVAC equipment, neon and fluorescent lights, medical and pharmaceutical products, paints that were manufactured before 1992, and pressure gauges, among other things. Excessive exposure, through inhalation, for instance, might cause:

a)Anxiety and insomnia

b)Brain and nervous system damage

c)Diarrhea and vomiting


e)Increased risks of miscarriage and birth defects


g)Kidney damage

h)Loss of appetite

i)Memory loss

j)Respiratory complications

If you have mercury-containing materials or items on your property and you need them safely removed and disposed, just call these experts and they will help.

  1. Interior Demolition

If you want to upgrade or reuse your industrial or commercial space and need professional interior demolition services, these companies can also help with this. They strive to demolish different components of your building with minimal disturbance to your routine activities. These knowledgeable professionals use advanced interior demolition equipment in order to provide you with exceptional and customer-focused service. They will handle your project with unparalleled professionalism right from the planning and preparation to the final demolition.

These contractors can also offer you great lead and asbestos testing, removal and remediation services. Moreover, when providing their services, they normally observe the highest safety standards possible, hence preventing any further contamination. Whether you need expert mould abatement in Edmonton, or need the services of specialists in mould remediation in Edmonton, these companies can provide you with whatever you need.

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