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Oilfield Equipment Rentals in Calgary

If you work in the oilfield, mining, construction, remediation, utility installation or any other industry that involves working at remote worksites, you will definitely need the right equipment that will enable you to complete your projects in an effective way. Fortunately, there are numerous well-equipped companies that usually offer the best quality, affordable equipment rentals and other related services.

Oilfield Equipment Rentals in Calgary

If you need the right equipment for your remotely located project, you will find companies that are always ready to provide you with well-maintained equipment. Moreover, these experts can also help with the mobilization, demobilization, as well as cleaning of the equipment. Whether you need the best rig mat rentals or heater rentals in Calgary, these companies will help. They typically offer:

1.Heater Rentals in Calgary

If you are working at a worksite that is prone to extremely cold temperatures, you need to ensure that the ground is warm. This will help to ensure proper setting of concrete materials, which will make it easier for you to build on the surface. Fortunately, these companies have high-performance heaters that will suit your heating or ground thawing needs. In addition, they also have seasoned service crews that will help with the laying down, operating and even the demobilization of the equipment. You are therefore guaranteed of your job proceeding smoothly.

2.Rig Mat Rentals

These companies can also provide you with quality, durable and extremely reliable rig and access mats for your unique project. They are specifically designed for heavy weight-distribution and will significantly reduce your reclamation costs. Ideally, their rig mats will offer you a larger and smoother working platform, where you will be able to complete your projects in a cleaner and safer environment. They are versatile, compact, have a strong construction and allow for easier loading.

3.Equipment Rentals

Whether you would like to install mats or handle any other type of job, these companies can provide you with the right kind of equipment to enable you to accomplish the task successfully. They have fleets of expertly maintained modern equipment that is designed for reliability and will help ensure that you will never deal with downtime at the site. For instance, they have high-performance skid steers, loaders, excavators and a range of attachments including buckets, pallet forks, grapples and jibs, to suit your needs.


4.Worksite Rentals

These companies also offer essential worksite rentals that you need for your local or remote worksite. They normally offer pick-up and delivery of environmental rentals comprised of two heated toilets, a generator, light tower and a garbage bin. In addition, they also offer portable toilets, fence panels, as well as fuel cubes. All of their rentals are reliable and quite affordable.

These companies can also offer decks, rubber and composite mats, as well as trucking and installation services. Moreover, they are always keen on observing very high health, safety and environmental standards. Their aim is to ensure that you complete your project in a safe and effective manner without any significant disruptions. Whether you need quality rig mat rentals or heater rentals in Calgary, these companies can provide you with whatever you need.

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