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Tips for Hiring a Professional Security Company

Getting professional security for business can be a daunting task especially if you deal with sensitive products. If you fail to perform due diligence inquiry regarding the prospective vendor, you may end up hiring one with no experience thereby leading to financial liability. There are many problems you can also encounter in the process of hiring a corporate security company. Therefore, several factors should be considered. While most companies are honorable, some are less –professional and can be doubted to deliver excellent results. The business can outsource the operation of a security company, but wise business professionals decide to hire professional security guards. The following tips should guide you.

Is the Company Licensed?

Ensure that the security guard you’re hiring is licensed to operate in your jurisdiction. A licensed security company ensures that employees are screened as well as documented in the recruitment process. Moreover, the licensed security provider must send fingerprints to the security bureau to go through a criminal background check. Hiring an unlicensed security company is risky not only for you but your clients and employees.

Getting the Required Proposal

One of the vital steps towards getting the right security company is crafting a request for a proposal. This should be detailed regarding your needs as well as requirements. Corporate security companies do not include data outside RFP in their proposals. It’s important to be comprehensive and hire a company that can handle any workplace violence risk management.

Have the Security Guards Been Trained?

The basic classroom and theoretical training of a security guard aren’t enough to cope with significant security threats. It’s imperative to ensure that you hire a company with well-trained security guards in weapons technology, public interaction, public security techniques as well as counter-terrorism. This will assure you that the people you’ve hired can handle different incidences that might occur in your business premise.

Are the Guards Monitored?

Ask your prospective security company if their guards are examined frequently. An experienced security guard company will have a clear chain of command with employees and keep in touch with the personnel on duty. Many security companies have deployed GPS tracking to help monitor every guard on duty through an automated feature that automatically updates on a programmed schedule.

How long has The Company Been in Business?

Ask about the company’s experience. How long have they been in business? An experienced corporate security company has established strong contacts with the locals. They should also be familiar with your environment including different types of crimes. Moreover, you can access experienced workforce from the company.

Check Their Staffing History

You want the prospective corporate security company to meet your needs. Therefore, you should hire a team of committed security guards who have been trained to offer professional services. This isn’t the case with contractors. You should investigate your prospects including their history in the industry and their ability to retain and train staff.

There are many security companies in the industry. Checking their proposal will help you choose the right one. Analyze their experience and ability to deliver.


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