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Tips in Choosing the Best Business Logo and Signage

A well-designed logo attracts potential customers to check out your business and discover how you can serve them.  A logo is primarily a visual representation of your company, and so it has to be part of your initial business planning. An impressive one will help establish a brand identity and provide a professional look that could potentially yield loyalty from customers. It will also make it easier for signages to reinforce your branding as well.

No business has an unlimited amount of time to convince customers and potential ones to buy their product or avail their services hence a logo, coupled with good branding, and an active promotion via signage and other forms of advertisement should do the job over time. There is no need to shell out vast amounts of money in the creation of your logo or signage, you really have to pick the best elements.

Pick A Type of Logo Design

First, you need to know the different ways to design a logo. There are many kinds of logo or a different name set for it, but the most common types include the Logotype, Letterform, Emblem, and Brandmark. The logotype, also called the wordmark logo, is a classic form of a logo. It may be just your freestanding company name, acronym, or the product name. Letter form type of logo, on the other hand, is a design that uses one or more letterforms acting as a mnemonic for the company. A famous example for this is the McDonald’s golden arches or letter M.

Meanwhile, Emblem type of logo is a design that would look like a badge, seal, or crest. It’s both an incorporation of letters or words inside or around a symbol that is often in a circular or closed shape. Lastly, Brandmark type of logo design is often a standalone image or symbol. It doesn’t have to include the company name, but it already screams it. One of the best examples for this is the Apple logo of the Apple company.

In some cases, people would also go for a combination of both a logotype (wordmark) and the letterform, so it shows both the company name and the letter, or a combination of a symbol and the company name.

Craft a Great Signage and Suit Your Logo

Making room for artistic flair doesn’t have to be limited with just imagery especially when promoting your business. This means that your logo alone and signage with a perfect element of typeface, color, scale, and shape would evoke so much of your brand. Craft signage with a particular scale and size that is also appropriate to where your signage will be placed. The location of your signage will also help in determining the type of materials to be used for it. It can make use of a print or digital billboard, a vinyl banner, or corrugated plastic, etc. You may also consider opting for indoor materials. Shield CO Business Signs, for instance, can help you make your business logo into a piece of art with their custom signages and more.


Once materials are identified, pay attention to your typography, fonts, color choices, as well as the message. Most signages are meant for viewing from afar; therefore, you have to pay close attention to its readability. In the absence of imagery, your fonts will be everything. Make it stylish but also readable. Choose a font that fits your logo, if possible, opt for cross-platform fonts such as Arial, Verdana, or Times New Romans that can guarantee you a correct display across all devices when it needs transporting.

Color Scheme

Most of all, choose a color scheme that matches your business character, branding, and logo. Color is mostly a factor in people’s response to visual stimuli. Choose the right dominant color for your business and brand. Do this by familiarizing the personality of color. Green, for instance, represents health, tranquility, and nature. It is the most natural color for the eyes to process hence it yields a relaxing effect. Meanwhile, yellow represents cheerfulness; orange represents enthusiasm and action, red represents excitement or energy, while gray represents neutrality or futuristic appeal, etc. It pays to choose the right color for your signage and especially for your logo.


When crafting your logo and signage, ponder and know its purpose as well. Determine if it can be the face of your company. Beyond a pleasant and memorable logo, it’s also important to keep a good branding for your business, so your company value increases over time, and your logo becomes more remarkable.

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