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Choosing the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Lighting is not a simple task – every room in your home should be lit appropriately to create the look and feeling that you desire. Darker lighting could make the home seem dull and dank while bright lighting could bring color to your abode. Let’s explore some of the types of lighting options you have for your home.

The 3 Types of Lighting

There are 3 different types of lighting that you can have in your house. Before you make any purchases, it’s a good idea to learn and understand how to light the room you’re focused on and create a plan. Your plan should include ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient light fixtures are used to light the majority of the room. They’re often ceiling lights that have a basic purpose: bring light into the room. Typically, the person building your home would decide how much ambient light is needed. However, you can choose your own level of ambient light if you decide to renovate or build onto your home.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is meant to allow for specific activities to take place. Lighting fixtures that fall into this category include reading lights, cabinet and stovetop lights, vanity lights, and more. The task lighting in your home depends on your specific needs and where you need it the most.

Accent Lighting

Accent lights are meant to be decorative. They’re used on the exterior and interior of the home to add a decorative touch or to bring attention to a focal point. If you want to make a statement, you could make a lighting fixture a focal point by setting up decorative embellished lamps, chandeliers, or sconces.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Now that you know a bit more about the lighting your home requires, let’s look at some popular options you have when it comes to picking a lighting fixture for the home.


These are mounted onto the wall and can either be plugged in or wired into the home’s electrical system. They’re often in pairs and are used on either side of some decorative item, such as a fireplace or mirrors in the bathroom. They can also be used to highlight artwork, architecture, and other areas of the home.


A pendant lighting fixture is hung from the ceiling by one cord and they are very often used in the home as task lighting. When you put several together, they can also be used to light kitchen islands and other areas in the home. They can be several different sizes, depending on your needs.

Flush & Semi-Flush Mounts

These lights are flush, meaning they are on the ceiling. They give you the maximum amount of overhead space and can be an excellent ambient light fixture. You can extend them if you want a different look, and some go as far as 12 inches down.

In order to make your home shine the way it should, your lighting is essential. Use this information to come up with a lighting plan for your home that allows it to look dazzling at any time of the day or night.

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