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Fire Protection Systems and Services Offered in Calgary

Installing the right kind of fire protection equipment either for your business premises or home is extremely critical for ensuring your safety, the safety of your family as well as employees. These systems have been known to save lives and mitigate fire damage. However, for maximum safety, you need to get good quality, functional and highly efficient systems from renowned suppliers. Luckily, there are companies that sell, install, and service a range of fire protection systems.

Fire Protection Systems and Services in Calgary

If you have any property that you would like to effectively protect against fire damage, there are fully-equipped companies that have the best solutions. They have high-performance and innovatively designed systems that can safely and effectively quench any fires on your property, hence preventing or reducing the level of damage before the arrival of professional firemen from the fire department. For instance, they have some of the best deluge systems and even fire controllers in Calgary. They normally offer:

  1. Deluge Systems in Calgary

In this system, a deluge valve keeps water from flowing through the piping. This valve is only opened by the actions of either a heat detecting system or a smoke detector. Here, the sprinkler heads are always open while the piping system does not have nitrogen or pressurized air. When there is a fire, the detection system will be activated and water will begin gushing through the sprinkler heads of the system. The highly-trained journeymen at these companies are skilled in designing, installing and repairing different deluge sprinkler systems for different industries.

  1. Fire Controllers in Calgary

These companies also supply superior fire pumps as well as controllers, which are basically control panel devices containing different electrical components, including switches, circuit breakers and even relays. They are usually connected between the sprinkler riser and the waterline. Fire pumps are usually run by diesel-powered or electric-powered motors. These companies have skilled journeymen that can design, install and even repair your fire pump or fire controllers.

  1. Special Hazard Systems

These are very unique fire suppression systems that have been designed to help protect facilities with high-value assets from experiencing irreparable damage. These systems may be used in medical facilities, control rooms and even data processing centres. Some of the options they offer include foam deluge sprinkler systems and a range of water-less sprinkler systems, including those that use gases or inert chemicals to extinguish fires.

  1. Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems

These systems are basically wet sprinkler systems with automatic sprinklers that have been attached to the piping and then connected to the water supply. Here, an anti-freeze solution is normally used in the piping. When there is a fire, the sprinkler head will open because of the rising temperature. The anti-freeze solution will then be released, giving way for the water to begin dispersing. These systems are ideal for use in those areas that are prone to freezing temperatures.

These companies also offer pre-action systems, dry, and even wet sprinkler systems. They can also provide you with reliable system installation, testing, inspection, repair, as well as maintenance. Whether you are looking for suppliers of superior deluge systems or fire controllers in Calgary, these companies can help.

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